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What Is Considered a High BAC for a Texas DWI?

a Texas police officer has suspicions that a man is driving under the influence of alcohol. In Texas, a high BAC can result in harsh penalties.

Texas has enhanced penalties for DWI with high BAC.

Being convicted of a DWI in Texas is bad, but being convicted of a DWI with a BAC over 0.15% is much worse. That's because Texas has "enhanced penalties" for driving with an allegedly high BAC.

What is considered a high BAC here (0.15%) is almost twice the standard legal limit for driving - 0.08% BAC. Therefore, the penalties are more severe for high BAC DWI (driving while intoxicated, aka driving under the influence or DUI). A typical 1st time DWI is a Class B misdemeanor. However, the charges are upgraded to a Class A misdemeanor if the driver allegedly had a BAC of 0.15% or higher.

Your freedom is on the line when you have been charged with a DWI in Texas. Not only will you have to complete a harsh sentence if you are convicted, but your criminal record will likely hamper future opportunities. DWI convictions pop up in background checks and can ruin your chances of obtaining some professional licenses, jobs, housing, education, and loans.

Amanda Webb - DWI Lawyer, stands up for people charged with DWI in Montgomery County and nearby communities. With a practice dedicated to fighting all types of Texas DWI charges, Attorney Webb knows how to tear down seemingly strong cases for prosecution. If you have been charged with a high BAC DWI or another type of DWI, contact us today for a free case evaluation to learn about your criminal defense options.

Texas penalties for high BAC DWI

Penalties for driving with an alleged BAC of 0.15% or greater are increased. If convicted of high BAC DWI in Texas, your penalties may include the following:

  • Up to a $4,000 fine.
  • At least 3 days in jail with the potential for up to 12 months in jail.
  • Up to 2 years of driver's license suspension.
  • A State Traffic Fine of $6,000 on top of other fines and court costs.
  • Up to 200 hours of community service.
  • Attend a DWI Education class along with a VIP class (Victim Impact Panel).
  • Installation of a deep-lung device or ignition interlock device on your vehicle(s), the cost of which is paid for by you.

Charges are not convictions.

A high BAC DWI charge may feel like the end, but our law firm can fight for your freedom. Being charged does not mean that you are guilty. So, don't give up hope. Remember:

  • Police make mistakes.
  • Breathalyzer tests are often faulty.
  • We can help you get a hearing and apply for a hardship driver's license.
  • Illegally obtained "evidence" gets thrown out.
  • Cases can be dismissed.
  • Charges can be reduced or dropped.

One of the biggest mistakes made by people charged with DWI in Texas is pleading guilty immediately, hoping for leniency. Another big mistake is thinking they can handle this challenging situation alone. When your freedom and future are on the line, experience matters.

Attorney Amanda Webb is a former Montgomery County assistant district attorney. She uses her inside knowledge of how the local criminal justice system works to help people accused of crimes get the best possible outcome in their case.

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