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Five Surefire Tips For Avoiding A Holiday DWI

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The holidays are a great time to celebrate! But they are also an especially bad time to drive after you’ve been drinking. The police are very aware that people will be drinking. An experienced DWI lawyer can help you fight charges, but the best thing to do is make sure you don’t get arrested for DWI at all. Here are five tips that are guaranteed to prevent a DWI over the holidays.

1. Don’t drink.

We’ll start with the most obvious. Sure, it’s the holidays, and you want to celebrate with friends and family. What’s the harm of a few drinks? If you’re driving later, you could get pulled over by police, who are looking for drunk drivers this time of year. The harm could be a license suspension, criminal charges, heavy fines, higher insurance rates, and even jail time. Stick to non-alcoholic options until you get home.

2. Ask for a ride.

You went to a party or dinner at someone’s house, and you had too much to drink. Ask someone there who has not been drinking if you could catch a ride home. Or ask a friend or family member ahead of time if they could pick you up if you need a ride home. Just make sure it’s someone you know who will not be drinking that day.

3. Agree on a designated driver.

If you are planning to attend a celebration with other people, choose a designated driver before you go. Maybe you can agree to play that role next time. Be sure it’s someone you know will not give in to pressure to accept a drink if offered. If you’re going somewhere with a cash bar, offer to pay for that person’s non-alcohol drinks.

4. Use Uber or Lyft.

Using a ridesharing service is a great way to ensure the police don’t pull you over on the way home. Make sure you have the app on your phone. Maybe you don’t like the idea of leaving your car at someone’s house or in the parking lot of a bar. But you will enjoy being arrested for DWI even less. It’s not worth the risk.

5. Considering hosting.

When you have people over, you won’t have to drive home. Another option is to book a room with some friends and celebrate at the hotel’s bar or restaurant. If you have a few drinks, you don’t have to worry about a DWI because you won’t be getting behind the wheel that night.

Contact a DWI lawyer for help

A DWI can have consequences beyond a license suspension, fines, and insurance rate hikes. If your job involves driving, it could be at risk. You may not be able to rent a car. Your reputation can be damaged.

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